🐷 Pig Budget Protection Kit for 2020

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~ Being the “Taisui” year in 2019 with frequent and challenging journey, this year 2020, the luck of Pig people shows signs of recovery.
~ 2020 the financial situation is generally prosperous. With the Prosperity star #8 that brings potential money luck and amazing opportunities.
However, must be careful not to be cheated, with the little afflictions of theΒ 3killings, avoid any gambling or too much involved in risky investments, otherwise it is easy to incur losses.
~ 2020 relationships luck is good, but need to handle well your feelings and prevent any emotional stress that may cause trouble or misunderstanding between partners.
~ 2020 health pay attention with the emotion, heart functions, blood circulation, blood pressure and any eyes related problems.

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Prosperity Basket and Personal Protection Budget Kit.


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