鼠 🐭 Rat Personal Budget Protection Kit 2020

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~ as the Ruling Animal sign, benefit the powerful support of the Yearly Tai Sui, of course there are some negative stars affecting your fortune this year, having the #3 Quarrelsome star and the Three Killings afflictions, these stars brings conflicts and disagreements and something that won’t follow what you wanted to be, it might have disruption on your plans.
~ somehow there is a auspicious Lucky star helping you, giving good assistance bring by the General star and Golden Lock star these star helps you get extra earning ability, as well as can lead to some wealth creations opportunity, rewards or benefits from a groupwork or teamwork earnings.

💡 Boosts up your Luck with Powerful Placement of Feng Shui cures and enhancers to your Homes or offices, Prosperity Basket, Protection Kit and Power Bracelet


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