馬 🐴 Horse Personal Budget Protection Kit 2020

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~ a Challenging Year for being the direct conflict with the Yearly Tai Sui that gives obstacles, so take things this 2020 as a year of preparation, do not too aggresive or in a Hurry in making decision, be flexible, more resourceful and gather knowledge to gain success.
~ Avoid over stress, the #2 illness star flies on your sector that will easily reduce your vitality and frequent feel sickly.
~ the Sui Po star known as Huge expenses or big spending star, this star is good if investment for your own personal investment or developement. Just be careful and do not easily involve in gambling or any games of chance it might turn out a loss of money.

💡Boosts Up your Luck with Powerful Placement of Feng Shui Cures and Enhancer on your office and homes, Personal Power Bracelet, Protection Kit and a Prosperity Basket.


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