猴 Monkey Personal Budget Protection kit 2020

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~ one of the Luckiest animal sign with several Auspicious Stars leading you to get into your success goal in your plan. Enjoy the Wisdom star #4 which attracts good nobleman or mentors to guide you to learn and to grow through some challenges coming your way.
~ #4 star also enhance your relationship luck, it boosts up your aura with happiness and bring in more friends and social connections. Just careful on some infiddelity vibes or be tactful and do not easily trust on people especially on your investments or finances.
~ Be Careful on Back Stabbing stars, it may bring you misunderstanding, bad gossips and romors may affect your emotions and the annual sha may cause you bad temper.
~ Avoid aggressive actions, be patience and mindful on your health, with some physical injuries, accidents and avoid extreme activities.

💡Boosts you Luck with Feng Shui Cures & Enhancers, Personal Buget set, Power Bracelet and a Prosperity Basket.


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